Requirements for Receiving Treatment

Hemodialysis Research Hospital, Haj Reza Ebrahimi

Dear clients;You are kindly required to inform us about your case before you start receiving treatment.  Many kidney related diseased  have been seen in patients with bilateral aid and have been overcome by proper treatment..

For your treatment, you have to know the following:

1. The trearment center of Haj Reza Ebrahimi is a charity care.  All subsequent costs will be covered by the research and education center of Haj Reza Ebrahimi.

2. The following steps must be completed without error.  You have to submit after careful revision the following documents along with five thousand riyals (five hundred dollars) to be submitted with your application.

a. A photograph 4 x 3

b. Photocopies of (ID 2 series of PS I and PS II in a series, insurance, ultrasound, National ID Card)

c. Blood test included (HIV Ab, HCV Ab, HBS Ag), to be repeated every three to four months.

d. Blood Group A Doctor

e. Introduction letter from the Office of Special Diseases Medical Sciences

3. After completing the above steps have to accept the “two” (first floor), see, here’s a recommendation to be presented to the Association of Kidney Patients can receive support, at this stage, “section”, “Days of dialysis”, “bed dialysis “and” hours of dialysis, “you will be the sole discretion Center dialysis center can be changed at any time. If you’re headed in the hours and days in respect of the said premises for any purpose Nrsannd the center to continue dialysis procedures.  Also, if certain conditions are not insured and lastly a referral for special insurance to get a referral for hepatitis done.

4. Hepatitis B vaccine is done three times, in the end take place three times a photocopy of your card to the delivery center. Address location hepatitis Shiraz St., governor, governor Corner Clinics valfajr

5. First week of each tower to supply proof of insurance to accept the “two” see.

6. Because you are right and others are not violated, we emphatically ask that same day at the same time you are ready, otherwise, when the program set out to see the center’s operations center hemodialysis no obligation then there is no problem if you can not come to the place and date specified o’clock Dyalyzdr Be at least 24 hours prior to notifying the facility to avoid problems for you and others.

7. Now for the welfare of dialysis patients, shuttle service is intended to be temporary.

8. Not only in the center, but the service (and generally everywhere) to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases, public health and individual please strictly adhere to please.

9. Before dialysis, hand washing and hand, especially the “shunt” with soap and water is required.

10. Law, ethics and social good deal for everyone, everywhere obligatory and binding.

11. Acceptance should be given a sheet of insurance each month, every month and every three Mahnyz tests should be done routinely.

12. Elderly patients are required to bring along.

13. Required to carry medication in dialysis patients is important.

14. Patients at entry to the locker room to hold your stuff and get into slippers.

15. After the wheelchair’s center, restore it to its original location.

16. It is important that dialysis patients do you weigh yourself before and after dialysis. (It is important to emphasize again)

17. Apart from the fluid, removing any food, breakfast and lunch part is prohibited, it must be in the mail room.

18. Patients undergoing hemodialysis machine is not touching any circumstances.